William Street Renewal
Conservation, Adaption and Urban Design
PERTH Western Australia

The revitalisation of this previously neglected streetscape on the eastern side of William Street in Northbridge was achieved with a light touch. The William Street Renewal Project took a declining section of the City of Perth and revitalised 11 city properties that promoted a major revitalised City street.

A collection of 11 buildings were upgraded and adapted to encourage a diversity of inner-city businesses and to provide a refreshed western portal to the Perth Cultural Centre. The public domain was enhanced through subtle interventions that build on the eclectic characteristics of the existing urban fabric. In particular, the introduction of opportunities for laneway activation were carefully considered and provide a refreshing level of intervention that is an exemplar for elsewhere in the city.

This project is a well-resolved example of the reinvigoration of an urban street that builds on the existing opportunities and constraints by the way of thorough analysis and a ‘less is more’ approach.

The project received a Commendation for Urban Design in the 2011 WA Architecture Award, HCWA award for Outstanding Conservation of Non-Residential Place in 2012, and a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation, Honourable Mention in 2012.