Government House
Conservation and Adaptation
PERTH Western Australia

The ballroom had received little attention since its construction, the facilities were tired and not suited to the expected use of the place. Combined with a poor entry, no universal access, or air- conditioning the Ballroom was losing its appeal.

The project succeeded in addressing the issues with the Ballroom by upgrading the entry with a more a fitting ceremonial entry and dedicated universal access, upgrading the presentation of the Ballroom, adding a stage with dedicated lighting and audio, providing air-conditioning, a general upgrade of all lighting, and new cloak rooms and toilet facilities. The completion of the works led to increased patronage of the Ballroom.

A further round of works was undertaken to improve the Supper room level, with the addition of similar services, a preparation kitchen, and two external terraces, one to the House dining room and one to south of the supper room set within the grounds.

The present Government House is the second to be built on the site and was completed in 1864. The Ballroom and Supper Room were completed in 1899 The ballroom entry was not completed until 1922. The place is on the State Register of Heritage Places.

The Ballroom project received a Commendation for Conservation in the 2005 WA Architecture Award

Government House