New Build
YALLINGUP Western Australia

The Yallingup Residence is a two storey structure with under croft parking designed for relaxed living and enjoyment of the extraordinary natural beauty of the location. The residence is comprised of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, pool room, study, kitchen, pantry, guest bathroom, dining and living rooms. The external design is hard edged, with strong and simple lines in contrast to the timber hand crafted look evident in Yallingup.

The design achieves maximum elevation to exploit stunning views over the Yallingup main surf break. Whilst the building orientation is optimal for passive solar design principles, performing well in both heating and cooling seasons. The site’s steep slope is used to create living and sleeping areas on different levels. The design embraces its location and fulfils its purpose as a seaside holiday home.

The house remains one of the more fitting designs on Yallingup Hill. When completed, it was the first curved roof structure at Yallingup.