Albany Hown Hall
Conservation and Adaptation
ALBANY Western Australia

Albany Town Hall was built in 1888 and was sign of prosperity within the settlement. Since its construction minor changes and alterations were made to the hall with the most significant being the 1980’s conversion of the main hall into a theatre with tiered seating.

The City of Albany sought to return the main hall to a community space capable of hosting a variety of uses and events, whilst providing dedicated gallery spaces to the lower levels. In conjunction with local firm PTX Architects our work reinstated the main hall with modern facilities, upgraded the lower galleries to be capable of supporting regional art exhibitions, and upgraded the back of house areas with a goods lift, art store, office space and curatorial areas. The exterior of the building was conserved, asbestos roofing replaced, timber joinery repaired, and the building redecorated based on original schemes. Public toilet facilities were upgraded, and access improved to provide more amenity to the adjacent public square.

The works succeeded in reinstating a significant building to better reflect its original intent whilst accommodate current servicing expected of a building of this type.